Publisher Postback Test

Publisher Postback Test

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At a Glance: This article aims to guide you through the process of conducting a publisher postback test on your end in order to ensure successful setup and tracking on your and your publisher's end.

Prior to making your campaign live for publishers, it is strongly advised to run a postback test to ensure that the postback configuration for that specific publisher is correct and that conversions are seamlessly passed to the publisher.

We recommend running a postback test for a public test campaign that is open to all geos because the goal of the postback test is to determine whether or not the postback will be fired to the publisher. If the postback is fired for India, it will be fired for any country, so do it for a campaign with no targeting.

Steps to conduct publisher postback test

Step 1: Generate Tracking Link

  • It is necessary to create a tracking link for the publisher and then share it with them in order for them to create a campaign and generate a test link for the publisher's postback test.​

  • When the publisher creates a campaign using the URL you provided, they will generate a test link and send it to you for the postback test.

Step 2: Add postback

  • If the publisher's postack is not included and the postback test is run, the conversion will be recorded, but the postback will not be sent to the publisher. The main goal of the publisher postback test is to see if the system is correctly firing the postback to the publisher, so it is necessary to add a postback before running the test.

  • You can learn how to add a publisher postback here.

  • To ensure a successful conversion firing, please make sure the Trackier macros in the publisher postback are updated.

Step 3: Postback Test

  • Under the Action Tab, you will find the option where you can conduct postback test for your publisher.

     Publisher Postback Test on Trackier

  • Enter the test link shared by the publisher under the test tracking link and proceed to specify campaign targeting specifications such as geo and device.

  • If your publisher shared privacy postback with you, select the use privacy postback option accordingly.

  • To fire the postback for global goal, you need to select global goal from the list of all global goals.

     Publisher Postback Test on Trackier

Step 4: Checking the test result

  • Once the postback test has been successfully done, it will be shown as below.

  • Check if the conversion is recorded successfully or not and if the postback is sent to the publisher or not. If NO, ask your publisher to check the test link or check the targeting you selected for postback testing. If YES, then it is advisory to delete or cancel the recorded conversion through the logs captured at your panel.

Update status of Test Conversion

  • After getting confirmation from the publisher's end that the conversion has been recorded successfully, it is advisory to delete or cancel the test conversion through the conversion logs.

  • Go to conversion logs or report and cancel the respective conversion by clicking on the three dots and selecting cancel.

  • Add a note describing the reason for cancellation if required.

 Publisher Postback Test on Trackier

 Publisher Postback Test on Trackier

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