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Goal or Event Setup

Goals and events are multiple ways to record conversions at different stages. For Example, the default goal for a CPI campaign is install, but if the advertiser wants to record the conversions for the transactions made in the app as well, then an additional goal for the transaction will be created on the campaign page.

Campaign Goals can also be used when you want to pay publishers for extra events, after the click, for example, recurring sales or account upgrades after registration or any transactions are done, etc.

Use Case
  • Track multiple goals for a single campaign.
  • Set Payout and Revenue based on Goals.
  • Apply for CAP based on goals.

Once the campaign is created or fetched through the API on your panel. Inside it, you will find the section of Revenue and Payout. The Goals can be created through the Manage Payout and Goals section as shown below.

One can select event postback directly from the campaign itself.

  • You will find the Goal tab in the middle of the Bar. You can access the goals that are already created from there as well. To create a new goal Click on the Actions at the top right and click on New Goal.

  • After you click on New Goal, a slide-out will open on the right side of the page where you are required to fill in the necessary details to create a goal. Fill in the details and hit the Save button to complete the process
  • Goal Title: This field is mandatory. This field will have the name of the Goal that you want to set.
  • Goal Value: This is a required field. The Goal value should be the value given by your advertiser to save. This value is saved in the postback as well for successful recordings of goals/events.

  • Goal Type: You can select whether you want to keep the goal in public visibility or private visibility. You can also specify the goal for a particular publisher.

  • Goal Payout Model: The payout model for the goal can be decided and selected accordingly. It can either be fixed or percentage.

  • Track Multiple Conversion: if you want to track multiple conversions with the same click ID then you can select one of the options.
    • Yes: Then all the conversions with the same click id will be recorded Uniquely. 
    • Yes with txn_id: If you added txn_id parameter in a postback and got unique id in that, then you can track multiple conversions with the same click_id
    • NO: To override txn_id and not track multiple conversions with the same click id

Payout & Revenue

  • Coverage: You can select multiple Geo's for which this Goal will work.

  • Revenue: Add the revenue that you are getting for this goal from the advertiser.

  • Payout: Add the payout that you want to give to your publisher for successfully recording the goal.

Once a goal is created, you can generate an event postback and share it with the advertiser. Check the steps to achieve that from here.

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