A publisher Tracking link is a unique simple URL generated within every campaign. The tracking link carries all the information which has to be passed in the tracking reports. When a visitor opens the offer through this URL a unique click is generated for that specific publisher.  

Clicks in Trackier are generated through publisher tracking link only, with every hit on the URL a unique click_id is generated by Trackier's Platform. This click_id is further linked with conversions or goals tracked by our platform. 



This tracking link will be generated automatically. You can add and make changes in this tracking link as per your own needs. You can also use your own domain for generating the tracking link. 

Follow these simple steps to generate the Link.


Open the respective campaign and find the Tracking Link section in the right sector.


Select any Publisher from the dropdown and the tracking link will be generated automatically in the below space.

In case you have any issue please mail us at support@trackier.com