Trackier provides the options for the publishers to add their postback in the Trackier panel. Publishers can add their postbacks to get notified about any conversions, app events, sales, leads captured.


Publisher postback can be Global or Campaign Specific. Through this, you can get all conversions or campaign-specific conversions in their tracking system. In the Trackier platform, postback Setup is very easy to do.

Campaign Specific postback

From the campaign info page, you add your postback/pixel.


  • Event – select the events for which you want to notify publishers,

                        Conversions will notify all conversions leads, sales etc except Goals.     

  • Type – Set the type of postback/pixel you are setting.
  • Data – Databox provided with tokens replaced with your click_id/transaction_id. 

  • See more for the list of the publisher macros.

Global Postback

From the navigation bar go to Account > Postback > there in the data box you can place your postback URL. 

  • See more for the list of the publisher macros.


All the added postbacks will get saved in the pending state until your account manager approve them.

In case you have any issue please mail us at