The Postback sent logs have the details of all request sent through Trackier to your publisher tracking platform. With publisher postback logs you can notify your publishers about any conversions, app events, sales, leads captured.


Postback sent logs


Filter the data through the campaign, publisher, date range, server status code returned, postback id, click id, conversion id.

The Data returned are:

  1. Event/Event ID for which the postback was fired

  2. Publisher/Campaign details

  3. Request URL – the complete postback URL where data was sent

  4. Server Message – the server response while the request was being sent

  5. PostBack ID – Unique postback Id generated by Trackier

  6. Status – Server status message

  7. Attempts – If the publisher server does not accept the notifications for the first time we make sure to try for seven more times before finalizing it

  8. Latency – The time took by publisher tracking platform server to respond

  9. Created – Exact time when the postback was sent

Advance Filter

For searching the optimised or particular report of a publisher or campaign here advance filter option helps you to search the optimised report. 


If you have set a CAP on the Campaign then after the CAP is reached the postback is not sent to the publisher.

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