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FAQ's on Publisher Postback Issue
FAQ's on Publisher Postback Issue
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FAQs by clients on Publisher postback issue

Q1: Conversions are reflected on our panel but conversions are not received on the publisher's end

Step 1: Check that the publisher postback is correctly placed. (Make sure that {p1} macro is placed against the click id parameter of your publisher while setting up postback.)

Publisher Postback Issue

Step 2: Check postback sent logs, which you can open from the report section.

Publisher Postback Issue

Step 3: In the postback sent logs, you have to apply relevant filters and check for the server message and status code of the postback.

Server message refers to the message returned by the publisher's server, which also states whether the postback is successfully accepted or not.

Publisher Postback Issue

Any entry in the postback logs indicates that the postbacks have been fired from our end, but if your publisher has not received any postbacks from our end, that means your publisher's server is not accepting the postbacks sent from our end, and in return, the publisher's server leaves server messages and a server status code error.

In such cases, you have to reach out to your publisher to get this resolved. If your publisher is using Trackier, then you can create a ticket for it.

Q2. Publisher postback is created but postback is not fired, why?

In such cases, you have to check the timing of the last conversion that you received for the campaign and the time when the postback for the publisher was created. If a conversion was received before the postback was created for the publisher, then the postback will not be fired for that conversion; the postback will be fired for only those conversions that were received after the postback was created.

Important Note: In the postback edit section, make sure the conversion status is always set to approved in order for the postback to be sent to the publisher.

Publisher Postback Issue

Q3. Conversions are reflected on our panel, but postbacks have not been fired for publishers.

Step 1: Check the conversion report by applying the filter "Is postback fired".

Step 2: If the postback has not been fired for your publisher, then check the status of your publisher postback.

Publisher Postback Issue

Step 3: If the status of the postback is also active, then check the conversion, if the conversion is fired for a goal, check the goal type.

Publisher Postback Issue

Postbacks do not fire for the private goals.

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