This article is intended for ad networks that want to integrate with the Singular. Singular can send Trackier attribution data for both installs and in-app events. 

To begin integration, provide Singular with both the attribution link URL and the postback URL. The URLs are needed for reporting purposes. This article explains how to build these URLs.


The integration will be done with Network Level Event and Install Postback, so you no need to change the Postback if you are working with multiple advertisers.

Step 1

Attribution link URL

This section provides the base attribution link and related parameter descriptions.

Base attribution link URL{idfa}&aifa={gaid}&psid={pub_id}&pcid={camp_id}&cl={click_id}&pcn={campaign_title}&pscn={creative_name}&h=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Singular base URLDefinitionDescription

Base URL

Singular endpoint 

&st=xxxxx&h=xxxxApplication ID
Dynamic value that differs for each app


Click Id 

Parameter for click id

Attribution link parameters


The attribution links in the following table are mandatory
See complete parameter lists for:

Singular parameterTrackier macroDescription



Request the ID for each user session



ID of the Publisher promoting an offer 


ID of the Sub publisher promoting the offer



Android ID

{idfa}Ios ID

Postback URLs for install and in-app events

This section provides examples of postback URLs and parameters for install and in-app events. 

Install postback URLs{cl?Network Name}&security_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&idfa={IDFA}&gaid={AIFA}

Event postback URLs{cl?Network Name}&security_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&idfa={IDFA}&gaid={AIFA}&goal_vlaue={EVTNAME}

Postback parameters 

Trackier Postback URLDescription
  • Network ID (domain) name
  • Provided by Trackier
Provided by Trackier
  • In-app event name
  • Event name Defined by the advertiser
click_idFor Click ID

For Android ID

idfaFor Ios ID

Step 2

Finalizing your registration

Already integrated with Singular? Send the URLs to

Not yet integrated with Singular? Complete the Ad partners registration application.


You can download the Sample of Singular Partner Form click here.
Also, share this Article with the Singular team for Integration reference.

You can find content to email in your platform, Go to Automation > Integration > MMP Partner > Singular.
You will find there the following:

  • Network Level Install Postback
  • Network Level Event Postback
  • Trackier Macro List
  • Sample Attribution URL

Step 3

Wait for 24-72 hours for the response from Singular Team, once the integration is complete they will update you via registered email. Once you are done you can create a Test campaign with the Singular App Test tracking link and add Goal as per Partner Event Identifier.

In case you have any issue please mail us at