With so many Advertisers are now offering new customer discounts and digital coupons, it’s likely a coupon code exists to apply towards your user's next online activity. Trackier Coupon Code Tracking unlocks a powerful new way to track performance from your Partners. 

This feature is available in Enterprise Plan. Please contact your Account manager to know more.

To access the Coupon module from side Menu Campaign > Coupon Codes.

Add a New Coupon Code

To Add a new Coupon Code, follow the below steps and you will end up at a right-aligned form in which you will be asked for multiple details to be filled to add a coupon code.

  • Code: Code you will get from the advertiser end. The code is not case-sensitive. You can use it either in the caps form or the small form. Though it is advised to use the coupon code in the Caps form only.
  • Campaign: Select on which campaign coupon will be applicable.
  • Type: Select the type of campaign in this option. The different types of Coupon Codes are described below:
    • Generic - These Coupon codes are valid for all the publishers. It is mandatory for the publishers to use the tracking link generated from the Trackier platform only to record the conversions through that postback.
    • Exclusive - These Coupon Codes are valid for only one particular publisher. The conversions will track irrespective of the tracking link. It is not mandatory to use the Trackier's tracking link to record the conversions. The user can use the direct landing page that is added to our platform.
    • Unique - This coupon type works in the same way as the Exclusive ones. The only difference in this type is that the coupons can only be used only once. Once the Conversion is tracked at our end with this type of conversion, no other conversion will be recorded with that particular code. 
  • Publisher: You can whitelist coupon code for the publishers or you can block the publishers for the same purpose as well.
  • Description: Information about your coupon code will be added to this section.
  • Start Date: This feature is optional. If you want to set a particular time from which the coupon code tracking should work, you can set it's starting time here.
  • End Date: This feature is optional. If you want to set a particular time from which the coupon code tracking should work, you can set it's ending here.
  • Status: If you want to set the status of a particular coupon code as Pending or expired. You can change it here.

How to Bulk Import Coupons

Tracker gives you the flexibility to Bulk upload the coupons into the campaigns. With the help of Import coupon code option you can skip your manual work to add coupon one by one, you can create a CSV file of the coupon codes and directly upload into the panel.

This way you can save your time and do the coupon tracking in a more productive way.  

Please find below the required and optional fields which you have to follow while creating the coupon codes CSV file. 

  • CSV column fields:
    1. adid - Campaign ID | (Required)
    2. pid - Publisher ID | (Optional)
    3. coupon_code - Coupon Code | (Required)
    4. coupon_type - Coupon Type | (Optional, Allowed: generic, one_time, exclusive)
    5. description (Optional)
    6. start_date (Optional in YYYY-MM-DD format)
    7. end_date (Optional in YYYY-MM-DD format)
  • Coupon Type can be any of the following: generic, exclusive, one_time
  • Campaign ID and Publisher ID column should contain Numeric ID only
  • Only 5000 rows allowed are allowed per CSV import

How to setup Coupon Tracking

The conversions can be tracked either through the server to server postback or through iframe/image pixel. Look at the below details to know more about how it can be used.

Coupon Code macro is &coupon_code

Setup in s2s Postback{ADV_COUPON_MACRO}

Setup in iframe/image Pixel

<iframe src="{ADV_COUPON_MACRO}" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

Coupon Report

You can access the Coupon report from the Conversion report and check Which Conversion recorded from which coupon code.

Troubleshooting Postback  From Debug Report

You can Access Postback debug report from the side menu  Advertiser > Postback Hit received.

You can access Pixel Log From a particular campaign or Advertiser info page. 

    When particular is not allowed on a particular coupon but send conversion through that coupon code.

    When Coupon Code is inactive or not in use.

    When Conversion Recorded after coupon code is expired.

    When the coupon is used before the start date.

    When the publisher sent conversion from the wrong coupon code.

    When the coupon is used for the wrong campaign