You can add your publisher privacy postback in the Trackier panel to push the conversion to them.


For this, you need to ask your publisher to send their Camp id and Source Id to you via click tracking URL.

Trackier Support Publisher Privacy Postback On Global Level, so you don't need to add multiple postbacks of your affiliates campaigns-wise.

Step to add Publisher Privacy Postback

Go to Publisher > Postback/pixel > Action > New Postback

In the Privacy Postback URL, you can enter the publisher postback URL.

There is no need to pass the clickID parameters. Postback will be send via campaign id and the Source Id.

Format of Publisher Privacy Postback

This is how Publisher postback for IOS 14 looks like, where  PUB_CAMP_ID_PARA and PUB_SOURCE_ID_PARA need to be mentioned by the Publisher.{pub_camp_id}&PUB_SOURCE_ID_PARA={sub_source}

Trackier Macro used in Publisher Postback



to pass back camp id received from publisher via tracking URL


to pass back sub pub id received from publisher via tracking URL.

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