Trackier provides a feature of attaching deep-link to the publisher’s tracking link for any campaign. These deep links can redirect the users to a particular section of the final landing page.


Use Case  

This feature is helpful when you want to redirect the traffic to different sections of the campaign landing page.

Where to find it?

This option is available in the publisher tracking link section. You can append deep link in the publisher tracking link easily by ticking the Deep-link checkbox in the tracking section and placing the web URL in the provided field.


Publishers also have the option to add deep links in the publisher's tracking links of approved offers through their own Trackier's interface.

How to implement deep linking in your campaigns?

  • Ensure to insert &url={url} in the URL of your campaign. This will basically pass url macro to your publisher.
  • Generate the Tracking URL for any particular publisher.
  • Click on the deep link check box.

  • Share the deep link with the publisher. They will see a text box below their tracking link where they can insert their deep link.

  • If the client wishes to add/append some UTM parameters with the deep-link then the same can be achieved by adding parameters in the “UTM Tracking/Append URL” option in the basic campaign settings. Once saved, these parameters will be appended to final landing page URL.
  • Go to Campaign >> Manage Campaign >> Your campaign >> Settings >> Basic settings >> "UTM Tracking/Append URL”.

Example format for adding UTM tracking parameters: ?utm_source=trackier&utm_medium={aff_name}