A cohort report is nothing but a way to represent data in granular form. If we wish to see data week, day, or month wise, the same can happen with the help of this report.


Report Attributes


  • In case we want to group the data by campaigns and publishers, we can see the data for fields such as Gross clicks, Approved conversions, Payout, Revenue, Profit and any other field you wish to see from the "Filters" sections.

If you choose a maximum of 7 days, you would see data date wise. Incase you have selected some good amount of days in a month you will see data week wise and if days of different months the data will be seen via month wise.

  • You can select other fields as well such as CTR, Cancelled conversions, Impressions and any other you wish to by checking the box in the report options.

    For more information, feel free to reach out to us at support@trackier.com