FAQ's on CAP

FAQ's on CAP

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Frequently Asked Questions on CAP

Q1. Why did conversions come after the CAP was reached and even after the campaign was also showing paused?

In such cases, you can enable the filter click to conversion time, where you will get to know that the conversions recorded after the campaign got paused were from clicks that were already attributed before the cap was reached for the particular campaign.

For better understanding, Suppose that your CAP got reached at 3:00 PM and at the same time your campaign will get paused and there will be certain number of conversions in your campaign but the clicks that were already attributed to the user can be successfully converted to conversion which further depends upon the advertiser when he shall be firing the postbacks.

So it indicates that this is not an issue, this is the expected behaviour of the product. Please note that any such conversions that are reflected after reaching the CAP will reflect under the cancelled state.

Q2. Why did the tracking link got disabled?

After reaching the limit of the CAP, the tracking link for you and your publisher gets disabled until the next period of the CAP starts, and the status of the campaign changes to paused. This is the expected behaviour of the product in order to perform the CAP activity on the platform.

Q3. Enabled CAP on gross conversions and approved conversions but the CAP got reached and the campaign is paused even when approved conversion CAP not reached the limit?

Basically, gross conversions are the sum of approved + pending, + cancelled conversions. If you have enabled the CAP for approved as well as gross conversions and the limit for gross conversions is reached, then the campaign will automatically get paused even if the approved conversion has not reached the CAP limit.

Q4. I enabled CAP for the campaign but even after reaching the CAP, the campaign is still active why?

In such cases, we should always check our campaign timeline. This happens for the reason that any of your team members made some changes to the campaign, due to which CAP might have restarted.

This can also be the case when publisher-specific CAP is enabled and not at the campaign level. In such cases, only the publisher's link gets disabled, but the campaign remains active on the platform.

You can raise a ticket if you are still unable to identify the issue.

Q5. How can I set up advertiser-level CAP?

You can set advertiser level CAP by going to advertiser<<manage advertiser<< click on advertiser for whom you have to enable the CAP<<edit << enter required details and Save. Please refer to the screenshots for your convenience.

Advertisers: Settings

You can enable the CAP based on daily, monthly or lifetime for your advertiser depending upon your requirement.


We're thrilled to have put together a top-notch team of qualified experts who are available to handle any of your concerns and respond to any inquiries you may have. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to support@trackier.com or using the in-platform chat feature.

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