Publisher Setting Customisation

Publisher Setting Customisation

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You can customize settings, options, and KPI that should be visible to the publisher on the publisher interface via this setting. Any particular data or attribute that would want to show or hide can be controlled from this panel.


  • Publisher KPI Display Settings

  • Publisher General Settings

Publisher KPI Display Settings

This setting will help you to adjust KPI that needs to be displayed on the publisher interface based on your business model. Go to Customize > Publisher > General/KPI settings to update this.

  • Dashboard Widget: You can allow what widget should be visible to the publisher on their Interface.

  • Conversion report fields to be displayed: You can allow what fields should be visible to the publisher in the conversion report.

  • Performance Report fields to be displayed: You can allow what fields should be visible to the publisher in the performance report.

  • Global Goals: You can select the goals that will be visible to the publishers in campaigns.

NOTE: If not a single event is selected then by default the system assumes all the events are selected.

Publisher General Settings

  • This setting will help you to adjust the basic settings of the publisher's interface.

  • Panel Language: You can set the required panel language for the publisher interface.

  • Auto Assign Publisher Manager: You can select the manager which would be assigned to the Publisher when they signup.

  • Default click ID / Transaction ID macro: You can select the Macro in which you want to pass on the click Id to the publisher.

  • Publisher Default Name: Based on your work method you can select a company or name, whose name will be visible when you generate a tracking link or find a publisher in the report.

  • Auto Approve Publisher: This will auto-approve the publisher when they signup, if disabled you need to approve manually.

  • Request Message Min. Characters: This will help you to set the minimum length of an answer for the permission campaign from the publisher.

  • Tracking Link Domain Note: Publishers will be able to see this note when they add their tracking domains.

  • Exclude Publisher from EPC: If this feature is enabled then you can exclude non-productive publishers from EPC calculation.

  • Hide Smart Link: You can hide the generate a smart link option from Publisher Interface.

  • Publisher Payout Tier: If you work on a payout tier you can enable this option, read more about this feature here.

  • Tracking Template: This will help you to auto-populate a base macro in the tracking link so that you can let publishers know in which parameter they need to pass what value.

  • Auto-approve Publisher Postback: If you enable this the publisher's postbacks will be approved automatically.

  • Enable Thumbnail View: This will change the campaign listed on the publisher interface to Thumbnail.

  • Disable Postback Edit after approval: If you enable this option, then if postbacks are approved, the publisher will not be allowed to edit them.

  • Hide Referrer Campaign Report: If you enable this, the publisher will not be able to see the campaign referrer report.

  • Exclude Publishers from EPC: You can select the publishers, whose EPC should not be calculated.

  • Hide Category Section: If you enable this, the publishers will not be able to see the Category section

  • Show Pending Publishers to all AFMs: If you enable this, your affiliate managers will be able to see all your pending publishers.

  • Hide Payout: Enable this button if you want to hide payouts from your publishers.

  • Signup Pixel: This code/script will be fired on thank you page after the successful completion of registration by the publisher

  • Only allowed users can add tags: You can explicitly put a restriction as to who all can add tags among the publishers.

  • Approval Request for publishers: You can select the publishers for whom you want to approve manually. If this is enabled it will override the Auto Approve function.

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