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Integrating with Impact
Integrating with Impact
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At a glance: This guide will assist you in integrating with Impact and creating a Trackier campaign using the link generated on Impact's panel.

Impact is a platform for acquiring campaigns for influencer marketing. To get a seamless tracking experience, you must first create an attribution URL and set up postbacks on the Impact platform.

Generating Attribution URL

The attribution URL is generated as the first step in integrating Impact with Trackier. This URL will be generated on the Impact platform and used as the campaign URL when creating a campaign on the Trackier panel. The following steps must be taken to generate the attribution URL:

  1. Login to your Partner's portal on Impact

    The first step is to sign in to the Impact website. You will generate a tracking link and configure the postbacks for integration here.

  2. Navigate to Assets

    Select Content from the top menu. You will see an option to view your assets here.

  3. Select the brand you want to work with

    Search for the brand for which you want to publish a campaign in the left menu.

  4. Select the Landing page

    After you choose a brand, the page will display a list of creatives and text campaigns. The landing page for each of these campaigns will be different; most campaigns with creatives will land on a specific section of a website acting as a deeplink, while text campaigns will land on the brand's home page.

    Choose the campaign that best meets your needs, and then click on it.

  5. Generate Tracking link

    When you choose a campaign to publish, the page shown below will appear. Here, select the Get Tracking Link option. You will see an option to enable tracking parameters on the right side.

    Add the Trackier macros to the Impact parameters here. It is required to enter {click_id} against Sub ID 1, but the rest is up to you as to what information you want to send to the advertiser.

  6. Copy the tracking link

    After adding the required macros, save it and copy the tracking link.

  7. Decode URL

    The macros in the tracking URL are encoded by Impact, but it is necessary to decode the URL before using it as a campaign URL on Trackier. You can accomplish this by using an online tool. Simply enter the URL into this tool, click Decode twice, and use this URL to create a Trackier campaign.

Setting up Postbacks

It's essential to configure Trackier postbacks on the Impact panel so that conversions flow smoothly to our panel.

To configure the postbacks, go to Event Notification from the bottom left menu - cloud button - on the Impact panel. There is an option here to enter the postback for Action Life Cycle events. Enter the global postback from the Trackier panel, and you're good to go.

Here is the list of Impact macros that are required to be placed against the Trackier parameters in the postback URL

Trackier Parameters

Impact Macros











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