Before making your campaign live, it is advisory to run a postback test, to confirm whether all the Macros and Parameters and placed successfully in the right position. Through the postback test, we get the confirmation that conversions are getting tracked at our end as well as in the publisher's end.

Postback has to be updated with Trackier's macro before adding it to our panel.

Follow the below process for doing the Postback Test:


It is required to generate a tracking link for the publisher and then share it with them. So, that they can create the campaign and generate a test link through within that campaign. It is required from the publisher's end to generate a test link and share it with you for making a test conversion.


Under the Action Tab you will find the option where you can do the postback test for your publisher.


Enter the link as shared by the publisher. Before making the postback test make sure there are no Restrictions and targeting are involved in the link from the publisher's end. If there are any, then make the changes accordingly and run the test.


Once the postback test has been successfully done, it will be shown as the below picture.

Check if the conversion is recorded successfully or not. If NO, check the tracking link and get back to your publisher. If YES, then it is advisory to delete or cancel the recorded conversion through the logs captured at your panel as shown in the below Picture.


Post getting the confirmation from the publisher's end, that the conversion has been recorded, it is advisory to delete that test conversion through the conversion logs. An example has been shown below.


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