Now network have the option to keep track on Hourly report of the campaign, this will help you to understand best hours of conversion and traffic analytics, you can place the filter save the filter and report and check it as per need.

We also have a widget for the same on the dashboard.

Checking Hourly Report

Go to Report from side menu > Hourly report

Filters In Hourly Report

You will find multiple groups by and reporting options in the advance filter report in the hourly report. With these multiple, you can select multiple filters according to the campaign and publisher and fetch the report in detail and in an optimised manner. 


Also, you can fetch the report which campaigns have the conversion. The option you can find in the reporting options.
"Only Show Rows having Conversions" 


Widget On Dashboard
You can add Hourly report widget on the dashboard to keep it handy. Once you have added it will visible below on dashboard like this.


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