Trackier allows you to review the stats of your campaigns by generating a report with fields like gross clicks, approved conversions, payout, revenue and profit.


Reporting Attributes

The results will be shown on the basis of the date range that you would have selected.

  1. Campaign Name - The name of the campaign
  2. Gross Clicks - It is a total of Unique Clicks + Rejected Clicks
  3. Approved Conversions - Total approved conversions. Once you will click on any of the approved conversions it will redirect you to a page wherein you will see the list of publishers you brought you those conversions.
  4. Payout and Revenue - Payouts for the publishers and the total revenue generated
  5. Profit - Profit acquired from the campaign


Add Conditions

Under the filter section, you can add conditions for your report. For instance, if you want to have data for only those campaigns that have gross clicks of more than 100 you can apply this condition and your report will mould accordingly. 

Other Reporting Options

There are a lot of other reporting options as well. If you wish to see unique clicks, pending conversions, rejected conversions, CTR etc you can choose from this option and have that in your report.

Please note that you can group your data as well from filter option via Advertiser, region, Campaign ID etc

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