Whitelist Advertiser Server IP

Whitelist Advertiser Server IP

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At a Glance: This article would guide you on how you can add Advertiser Server IP to protect yourself from fraud.

The Whitelist IPs feature is designed to add an extra layer of security and protection to your campaigns by filtering out conversions that are coming from IPs that you do not trust.

Once you have added the IP list, any conversions coming from any other IP will be automatically cancelled.

Add Whitelist IPs

  • Open the desired advertiser account.

  • Click on Edit in the settings card.

Whitelist IPs on Trackier

  • Scroll down to Conversion Tracking.

    Whitelist IPs on Trackier

  • Add all the IPs (which you will get from the advertiser). You can add the following types of IP values:

  1. Single IP:

  2. Multiple Ip:

  3. IP Range:

Note: If you are running an Adjust campaign, there is another way to achieve IP whitelisting; please see this article for more information.

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