You can track an Impression on Trackier and send the impression data to your advertiser as well. You can need to enable Impression tracking in a campaign. 

There is a certain Impression quota provided in each plan if you go over than that there will be overage.

To Access Impression Tracking open particular campaign > Setting > Impression Tracking

Enable Impression Tracking And View-Through Attribution 

In Trackier You can Send Impression Data to your advertiser which is View-Through Attribution, once you are at the Impression Tracking page, You need to checkbox which says allow Impression and then a box appears in that you can add Advertiser Impression Pixel.

You can find list of macro supported for impression tracking by clicking here.

After Adding Advertiser Impression URL, your View-Through Attribution is enabled. 

Generate Impression Pixel For Publisher

To generate the impression pixel select the Publisher and select the box which says "Impression Pixel".

Impression Report

You can access the Impression from the Report section. It can be accessed from

  • Campaign Report
  • Impression Report