The Network has an option to use traffic for better utilization on Trackier Panel, you can now set any fallback URL and if any conditions are not met then traffic on a particular offer will be redirected to Fallback URL.
So These are the condition when traffic is redirected to the Fallback URL.

You can place any link as Fallback URL, on which you want traffic if you want to divert traffic on some campaign, we suggest to add some internal publisher and create a tracking link and add that link as Fallback URL, this will help you to track conversion on Trackier Panel.

Priority of Fall back level is set as Campaign Level, if not set then Advertiser Level, if not set then Global Level

How to set Fallback URL At Campaign Level

Go to Particular Campaign > Settings > Fallback Traffic
Here you can add campaign level FallBack URL. Also, You could Select a Particular campaign as Fallback.

How to set Fallback URL At Advertiser level

Go to particular Advertiser > Settings > Basic

How to set Fallback URL At Global levels

Go to Customize > Tracking