View-through attribution, also known as impression tracking, is the name we use for showing that an impression has led to an eventual installation. View-through attribution helps you to track the same, it can be set up for both

  • App attribution platforms, like Appsflyer, Branch, Singular, etc.
  • Direct web campaign


If you want to work on view-through with your advertiser using MMP, you need to ask them to share View-though URL which you will place in Trackier, and campaign creation will be as usual.

Enable View-Through Attribution

  • To enable the view-through attribution, go to particular "Campaign > Settings > Impression Tracking > Enable it and then enable view-through attribution"
  • If you want to whitelist publishers for view-through attribution you can that as well 
  • If you want to see server-side impressions enable the button for the same. You can either include or exclude publishers from this.

You need to add MMP view through attribution URL in the box given and make sure to pass {imp_id} in their click id parameter. 

After this, go back to the campaign info page and generate an impression pixel and share it with your publisher to get it placed on the required page, so that you can get impression data.


How to Make Sure It Will Work With MMP Partner? 

  • To make sure your setup is fine, you need to get gaid, idfa, and other required information from your publisher end in the Trackier Impression URL and need to pass the same to the Impression or view-through attribution URL of the MMP partner. Find all the macros that are supported in Impression URL from here.

How to Make Sure It Will Work With Direct Advertisers?

  • The advertiser with whom you are integrated with iFrame/image pixel it will directly work, you just need to make sure you have shared the impression URL to the publisher and enabled the View-Through attribution in settings.

View-Through Attribution Reporting

  • Currently, you can check if the conversion is attributed to the view-through method or not from the Conversion Report.


Search for "Is View Through Attribution"and click on search. we will be introducing dedicated report soon.