SKAdnetwork is a way to get the attribution data from APPLE against successful Install and post-Instal. the process of Integration starts with getting Skadnwtork ID from Apple.


How does the whole process work?

  • App Owner Need to Integrate Adnetwork/publisher SKAdnetwork ID inside Mobile SDK
  • whoever is running the ad in the chain, needs to use the Adnetwork's SKAdnetwork ID in the advertising app whose SKAdnetwork ID is integrated into the App SDK.
  • Once Apple gets the Install with the SKAdnetwork Signature, it will fire postback to the respective Adnetwork anytime in 24 hours.
  • Adnetwork Tracking platform will receive the postback, redirect that post back directly to the MMP partner.
  • Now after doing attribution, MMP will fire Privacy Postback of the network with just Campaign id and Publisher ID as main information.

What is the Postback Flow?


APP B - which is getting promoted by the Adnetwork

APP A - which is used to display APP B ad.

  • Ad Signature is added in App B which has your Skadnetwork ID.
  • On Another App ad of APP B being displayed.
  • The user clicks on the Ad and redirected to the App Store.
  • User makes the Install
  • Apple will check the Signature added on the ad and Skadnetwork id in the SDK
  • In 24 hours Apple will fire Postback to you.

Once Apple Fire Postback to Trackier further flow would be.

Skadnetwork Limitations

  • Publisher ID will work in the range of 1-100 for per campaign or APP ID
  • Postback will be fired once in 24 hours.
  • No click id is associate in the process
  • You can't send or receive any extra information.
  • View-thorugh attribution is not supported.
  • Audience Bulding would be hard.

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