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SKAdnetwork ID From Apple
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At a Glance: This article helps you understand how to get your SKAd network ID from Apple.

You need to register on Apple to get your SKadnetwork ID. This SKadnetwork ID will work as an identifier to get the postback from Apple against successful installation on the app store.

Steps included to get your Skadnetowrk ID and complete integration with Apple are below.

Signup On Apple

  • You need to create an Apple ID from HERE.

  • Enroll yourself as a developer on Apple from HERE.

  • Fill in all the details then you will get a verification call from Apple (Generally on the same day)

  • After that, you will have to pay a fee of $99 to Apple (the annual fee), and then your paid account will be approved within 1-2 days

Register For Skadnetwork

Now you need to register for Skadnetwork from HERE. You will get your Skadnetwork ID from Apple via email in a few days.

Generate Public And Private Key

Once you get the Skadnwetwork ID from Apple, you need to generate a public key and a private key. To generate the same, you need to use Terminal In Mackbook

Generate a private key

Open Terminal and enter the below code. Replace company name with your Skadnetwork ID

openssl ecparam -name prime256v1 -genkey -noout -out companyname_skadnetwork_private_key.pem


Secure your private keys as you would other credentials, such as passwords. You should never share your private keys, store keys in a code repository, or include keys in client-side code. Share only your public key.

Generate a public key

Open Terminal and enter the below code. Replace the company name with your Skadnetwork ID.

openssl ec -in companyname_skadnetwork_private_key.pem -pubout -out companyname_skadnetwork_public_key.pem

Setting Skadnetwork Details On Trackier

Once you get the SKadnetwork ID from Apple, follow the below steps on your Trackier interface.

  • Go to the Tracking section in the Customize section of your panel. Here, you need to enter your Skadnetwork ID.

  • Once done, click on the button "App Store Postback."

  • You will get the Skadnwtowrk Postback URL.

SKAdnetwork ID  From Apple

SKAdnetwork ID  From Apple


Finalizing Registration with Apple

You need to send Apple the following details to complete the registration process for Skadnetwork:

  • Public key, which is generated from the above step.

  • Skadnwtwork URL from Trackier that you got from the step above.

Once this process is done and you get confirmation from Apple that everything is okay and good to go, you can start Integrating with

  • Appsflyer

  • Adjust

  • Singular

  • Branch

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